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MCT Keto Oil 500ml - Fitness Librery - Magazin Online

MCT Keto Oil 500ml

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  1. 100% complex of medium-chain fatty acids
  2. A source of fast energy
  3. KETO Friendly
  4. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  5. It helps to balance the diet and maintain the caloric balance of meals
  6. Twice more caloric than carbohydrates
  7. It does not contain artificial additives
  8. An excellent source of energy for athletes
ALLNUTRITION - MCT Keto Oil contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). It is a great energy, health and supplement to your diet! An excellent source of energy in the form of special fatty acids. The product is recommended for athletes as an alternative source of energy.

Benefits of ALLNUTRITION - MCT Keto Oil:

- Fast and powerful energy injection!
- It will allow you to save glycogen, at the same time giving the possibility of a longer, harder training
- Supports anti-catabolic reactions that protect your muscles from excessive breakdown.
- Reduces the deposition of adipose tissue.
- Increases the assimilation and absorption of other ingredients.
What to use for?

- Addition to coffee, tea and other warm drinks.
- Salads and other keto-friandly meals.
- For pre-training or post-training shakes.
- Low-carbon or ketogenic desserts.

Guinea oil moth (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) - a species of plant from the arecaceae family. It is most often called an oil palm, it also has other common names: Guinean butter palm, Guinean oilseed. It comes from Africa and Madagascar, and is also grown in other regions of the world with a tropical climate. The main cultivation areas are the home country of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in addition, the countries of West and Central Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Colombia and Ecuador.

Ingredients: 100% MCT oil (medium chain fatty acids) from Elaeis guineensis oil.
Take a portion of the product 12 g (2 tablespoons) once a day with a meal

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