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Vit C 2000 Shot 80ml - 12 Pack

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VIT C 2000 SHOCK SHOT is vitamin C in the form of a liquid that will fully meet your needs for this extremely important vitamin.

Vitamin C is a chemical compound whose importance for each of us is hard to overestimate. One may even be tempted to say that it is necessary for the functioning of living organisms. For humans, this substance is a vitamin, which means that it must be provided in the diet. The most common form of its occurrence in supplements is the form of L-ascorbic acid. Due to its antioxidant properties, it is also used as a food additive.

Vitamin Chelps to maintain a healthy immune system, which is especially important in the case of long-term strain on the body caused either by training or physical work. In addition, in periods of unfavorable aura, when our organisms are more exposed to attacks of all viruses and bacteria - vitamin C turns out to be extremely useful.

Vitamin Chelps in the proper production of collagen, and the appropriate amount of collagen can be used for healthy bones, joints (cartilage), skin, gums and teeth. Thanks to vitamin C, our nervous system works properly and psychological functions are maintained in the correct way. Another important feature of vitamin C, already mentioned above, is its ability to protect our body's cells against the threatening oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is believed to be the cause of many serious diseases. Thus, the ability to stop it, at least partially, is difficult to overestimate.

Ingredients: Water, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), maltodextrin, acidity regulator: citric acid, aromas, sweetener: sucralose, preservative: sorbic acid, Citrus paradisi grapefruit extract, flavor enhancer: neotame.
When is VIT C 2000 SHOCK SHOT?
Anytime. Whenever you need to.