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L-CARNI Shock Shot 80ml - 12 Pack

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L-CARNI SHOCK SHOT is a product containing a very easily absorbable, liquid L-carnitine with the addition of green tea extract, selenium and zinc.
  1. Accelerates fat burning
  2. 4000mg of L-carnitine in one bottle
  3. Unique liquid composition
  4. Convenient form of administration - shot
  5. Zinc helps in maintaining the proper metabolism of carbohydrates and fatty acids
  6. Selenium helps to protect cells from oxidative stress
  7. Zinc helps maintain healthy skin, hair and nails
  8. The zinc contained in L-Carni Shock Shot helps in the proper functioning of the immune system
L-CARNI Shock Shot is a handy bottle that provides maximum convenience of use at any time without the need to consume many capsules or tablets.

L-CARNI Shock Shot is intended primarily for people who are reducing body fat, working mentally and exercising recreationally. The active substances contained in the product also take part in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fatty acids.

L-carnitine is a substance that supports the conversion of fatty acids into energy. It transfers fat to the mitochondria, providing energy for physical exertion. This translates into a faster pace of weight reduction, increased endurance and reduced fatigue.

Ingredients:water, L-carnitine, acidity regulators: citric acid, malic acid, trisodium citrate; powdered green tea extract, aromas, color: safflower extract, preservatives: sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate; sweeteners: acesulfame K, sucralose; dye: brilliant blue, zinc gluconate, sodium selenate.